Sol 89 (María González & Juanjo López de la Cruz), with the «Cooking school» in a former slaughterhouse in Medina Sidonia, Spain wins the 2014 European Prize of Architecture Philippe Rotthier
14 de julio de 2014

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Established in 1982 by the architect Philippe Rotthier, this triennial prize rewards works of collective and cultural value with regional roots and using natural and sustainable materials that draw on the genius of the European town and a dialogue with the past and with history.

The prize-winning works are selected by juries composed of leading European figures and have included the writers Adrien Goetz and Françoise Lalande, the journalists Sergio Frau and Katia Pecnik, the designer Matali Crasset, the historians Bruno Foucart, Charles Jencks and David Watkin, the artist Bernard Métais, and the architects Anna Heringer, Christian Biecher, Ben Bolgar, André Jacqmain, Léon Krier, Michael Lycoudis, Dimitri Porphyrios, Paolo Portoghesi, Rudy Ricciotti and Oscar Tusquets.

Juries, chaired by Maurice Culot, have often chosen to select sometimes little known works and to recognise original approaches, such as those by François Spoerry and his lacustrine architecture, by Abdel-Wahed El-Wakil for his mosques and Eusebio Leal Spengler for the restoration of the city of Havana or by the film-maker Emir Kusturica for his Küstendorf village in Serbia. Owns and institutions have also been awarded the Philippe Rotthier Prize, including Bayonne, Le Plessis-Robinson and Val d’Europe in France, Palermo in Italy, Poundbury in the United Kingdom, Dresden in Allemagne, and the Äkroken campus in Sweden.



MARÍA GONZALEZ, JUANJO LÓPEZ DE LA CRUZ. SOL89: Cooking school in a former slaughterhouse in Medina Sidonia, Spain

BRUNO ROLLET ARCHITECT: Le Candide social housing in Vitry sur Seine, France 

PASCAL FLAMMER: House and office in Balsthal, Switzerland

FAREstudio, RICCARDO VANNUCCI: Women’s welfare centre in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso 



BIG BJARKE INGELS GROUP: Danish Maritime Museum in HelsingØr, Denmark

ATELIER KEMPE THILL: Open-air theatre in Rotterdam, the Netherlands

ETAT ARKITEKTER AB, Sweden, Erik Törnkvist, SAR/MSA et Malin Belfrage, SAR/MSA: The sea Libraryin Awashima, Japan

SAVIOZ FABRIZZI ARCHITECTS: Coverage of the archaeological ruins in Saint Maurice, Switzerland

OFFICE KERSTEN GEERS DAVID VAN SEVEREN: Drying hall for pot plants in Hulshout, Belgium


2014 JURY

Under the presidency of Maurice Culot

In the presence of Philippe Rotthier, prize founder

AUDE-LINE DULIÈRE, Architect, Great Britain

ALFONSO FEMIA, Architect, laureate of the 2011 Rotthier Prize, Italy

DOMINIQUE FOURNIER, Architect, Switzerland

FEDERICA MATTA, Artist, France

WILLIAM PESSON, Architect and architectural historian, France

PAOLA PIEROTTI, Architect and journalist, co-founder of the company PPAN, Italy

SEBASTIAN REDECKE, Editor of Bauwelt, Germany

ALICE VERLAINE , Architect, Belgium 

Agentes: Sol89
Agentes: Bruno Rollet
Agentes: Pascal Flammer
Agentes: FarStudio