This Saturday, the ACE will hold a public conference in Barcelona. This conference is open to everyone and will be live web streamed on the ACE website.
21 de noviembre de 2019



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This public conference will be held at the Collegi d’Arquitectes de Catalunya (COAC) in  Barcelona, Spain. It will bring together 12 young European architects (aged under 40) who will: 

– Explain how they perceive the practice of the profession today (risks, opportunities, challenges, difficulties);
– Share experiences, good practice and innovative solutions for the creation and running of an architectural office and the practice of the profession;
– Present their visions/ expectations/ desires for the future of the profession;
– Express what they expect from the European Union to support the practice of the profession and achieve quality in the built environment.

Download the programme here.

Read more about the speakers here.

Free registration via this link.

With the support of the Embassy of the Netherlands in Madrid, Spain

Kjetil Trædal THORSEN, Snøhetta Founding Partner, will be the keynote speaker.

Architecture remains a very attractive profession for the younger generations. According to the latest ACE Sector Study, the number of architects in Europe is steadily growing and the profession is today relatively young: 30% of architects in Europe are aged under 40 and 15% have 5 years or less experience.

In a context of highly competitive markets, where business and professional practices are changing rapidly, young architects and architectural practices face many challenges and issues: getting work, participating in public procurement and design competitions, experiencing new forms of collaboration and new business models, working in other EU countries, exporting services internationally, continuing professional development, etc.

Agentes: Kjetil Trædal Thorsen
Agentes: Isidre Gavin
Agentes: Xavier Matilla
Agentes: Assumpció Puig
Agentes: Lluís Comerón
Agentes: Georg Pendl
Agentes: Cristina Gamboa, La Col
Agentes: Jan Heissen & Björn Martenson, AMUNT
Agentes: Cristi Borcan, StudioBasar
Agentes: Walter Prenner, Columbosnext
Agentes: Sebastian Skovsted, Johansen Skovsted Arkitekter
Agentes: Jaufret Barrot
Agentes: N’UNDO
Agentes: Filipe Magalhaes, Fala Atelier
Agentes: Anna Ramos
Agentes: Erkko Aarti, AOR
Agentes: Sofia Dona
Agentes: Marieke Kums, Studio Maks
Agentes: Tinatin Gurgenidze
Agentes: Enrico Muschella & Antonino Caliò, WHOLE – Urban Regeneration
Agentes: Tamas Szucs