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14 de junio de 2014

scalae has launched a survey with three sections. Three questions. The survey is aimed at extending a question about what is «next» (close, near by in terms of time & space) and «necessary» (needed). No prizes, other than reading any other positions, just sharing a true common & fundamental ground…

Please, feel free to share these questions and participate with your experience and answers…


PRINCIPLES: We would like to ask what it means -or could mean- for you to work outside of your own country. What are the most important decisions that you take in the design and construction process in order to create these architecture places?

PROCESSES: As an architecture agent, how important is the dialogue with the building industry and trades in your work? At what time during the design process does this dialogue take place?

SITUATIONS: We would like to know what you think are the priorities that should reshape the contemporary city and the city of the future. Could you please draw this vision or let us know what this drawing would be like?.


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