Portuguese businessman, born in the city of Porto, with professional activity on engineering, architecture and design.

Founder and manager of the company JOFEBAR, over more than 25 years, José Maria Ferreira stands out by his pioneering and visionary spirit, that focus on developing customized solutions based on the establishment of close relations and partnership between industry, research, new technology and architecture.

Currently, he’s the chairman leader of IDUNA’s board direction, an international metal furniture company, performing simultaneous and parallel functions of management and consultancy at construction and publishing companies, in which is also shareholder.

Recognized for its leading character, enterprising, and passionate about human relationships, that he naturally establishes and cultivates, Jose Maria Ferreira, extends to the management of its assets and business, a particular taste for art, which is reflected in the political patronage, partnerships and supports, that he establish with artists and several entities in the area of Arts, Culture and Solidarity