Snohetta   Snøhetta is a place that nobody is from, but anyone can go to. Snøhetta began as a collaborative architectural and landscape workshop, and has remained true to its trans-disciplinary way of thinking since its inception. Our work strives to enhance our sense of surroundings, identity and relationship to others and the physical spaces we inhabit, whether feral or human-made. Museums, products, reindeer observatories, graphics, landscapes and dollhouses get the same care and attention to purpose. ...

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  • Roger Miralles Jori
  •  Moneo Brock

    Moneo Brock

    Arquitectos, Estudios

    Moneo Brock Studio is an architecture firm characterized by the intensity of its design focus. The Studio's principals, Belén Moneo (Harvard, 1988) and Jeff Brock (Princeton, 1985), formed their professional partnership in 1993 in New York City after receiving th ...

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  • Paulo Mendes da Rocha

    Paulo Mendes da Rocha


    Paulo Archias Mendes Da Rocha nació en 1928 en Vitória, Espírito Santo y se graduó en la Facultad de Arquitectura y Urbanismo de la Universidad Mackenzie, en São Paulo, en 1954. Invitado por Vilanova Artigas, fue profesor en la Faculta ...

  •  maio


    Arquitectos, Estudios

    MAIO is an architectural office that works on flexible systems where notions such as variation, ephemeral or ad hoc, permit theoretical positions materialize. Founded in 2005, it is currently led by Maria Charneco, Alfredo Lérida, Guillermo López and Anna ...

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  • José Maria Marques Ferreira

    José Maria Marques Ferreira


    Portuguese businessman, born in the city of Porto, with professional activity on engineering, architecture and design. Founder and manager of the company JOFEBAR, over more than 25 years, José Maria Ferreira stands out by his pioneering and visionary spirit, t ...